How did Kit react to her uncle's announcement that William Ashby had asked to call on her in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a word, Kit is shocked at her uncle's announcement that William Ashby has asked to call on her.  She has actually only seen him once, "for a moment after Meeting", although her uncle insinuatingly remarks that, in her incongruously colorful attire, she had been "conspicuous enough".  Kit "(feels) her cheeks growing hot" as Uncle Matthew and Aunt Rachel discuss the situation as if she isn't even there.  She says nothing as it is apparently decided that permission will be given, even though William's father is a "King's man" in opposition to Uncle Matthew's position as a Patriot.

After Uncle Matthew and Aunt Rachel go to bed, Judith angrily tells Kit that she had been right in predicting that William would come courting.  Kit, remembering, at first feels "a small pleasurable stir of curiosity", but then realizes that Judith had expressed an interest in William as a beau for herself.  In dismay, Kit exclaims that she doesn't want William to come courting her; she doesn't even know him, and she doesn't want to take him away from Judith.  Kit resolves to tell Uncle Matthew of her feelings in the morning, but Judith, admitting that she never actually knew that William had any interest in her, orders Kit not to say anything, and sets her sights instead on John Holbrook (Chapter 6). 

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