How did Kim Jong Il become a tyrant?What caused Kim Jong Il to become a tyrant and what are his characteristics and qualities?  

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A tyrant is a leader who has absolute rule and authority. It's an emotionally charge word with a very negative connotation. Basically, to be a tyrant is to rule ruthlessly and selfishly, for your own gain or that of your party or faction.
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Kim Jong Il followed the footsteps of his father to become a dictator.  It is very easy to become a dictator when the citizens of the country have been supressed for so many years and they have learned to worship their leader.  Once the idealism of leader worship is in place, it is simple to control the masses.  Characteristics of a dictator is control and brainwashing of the citizens. As a dictator you ultimate goal is to create a system of fear so that the citizens will not uprise against the government.

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