How Did Julius Caesar Die

How did Julius Caesar die?

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litchick2011 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

He was murdered by a group of senators, including Brutus and Cassius, on March 15th. According to Shakespeare, the crowd was angered until Brutus calmed them down with his reasons for killing Caesar, and then Mark Antony riled them back up. Historically, Antony did not give the speech written by Shakespeare, but he did give a very impassioned eulogy which further inflamed the commoners, many of whom were already angry that a group of aristocrats killed Caesar.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

He was ambushed by the senators led by Cassius and Brutus on the Ides of March (March 15).  Many people cared that he was murdered--Calpurnia, probably his servants (provided Caesar treated them fairly), Mark Antony, his relative Octavius Caesar, and the general public was enraged after Antony read the will which stated each citizen was to receive a sum of money and free roam of Caesar's private gardens and orchards.

hamiltonmark | Student

he was killed by a group of senators 

deeds2013 | Student

he was killed in the senate, on pompeys statue, or at the foot of it

ducati888 | Student

hi every body can eny body tell me the place wrer caesar was killd im a bit confused. was it at the senit or elsewere according to tony robinson tv program it was by a restrant a 100 meters from the senit  thanks all 

whitewolf | Student
How did julius ceasar die

When he died did any one care ?  How did he die and why did he die ? .

Well, when Caesar was stabbed to death, a civil war broke out. His death was not the only reason it broke out, but it was most of it. He was stabbed to death by 60 senator's , but with only 23 stab wounds. The leader.. his son.... didn't even know that Julius was his father.Julius had another language....... "You son".