How did John and Lorraine meet?  

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In The Pigman John and Lorraine attend the same high school. They meet for the first time on the school bus one morning. Lorraine's a bit of a loner; none of the boys are interested in her and no girl will even so much as talk to her. But John's different. For one thing, he has the most incredible eyes, like something you'd see in an Egyptian pyramid.

And John's not just different; he's also a tad unusual. When he sits down next to Lorraine on the bus, he starts laughing out loud for no particular reason. Lorraine is hugely embarrassed. She's also quite upset because she thinks, for all the world, that John's laughing at her. So she tells him to stop; she doesn't want to be seen sitting next to a "lunatic." John replies that he is a lunatic.

This bizarre statement makes Lorraine nervous, so much so that she drops one of her books on the floor. She's incredibly annoyed at John, wishing that his eyeball would explode and that a big cat would get at his neck. But John laughs out loud again. This time, Lorraine joins in and soon both of them are laughing like crazy. On that weird, wonderful morning on the school bus, a friendship is born.

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