How did the Jews respond to the imprisonment and loss of personal freedom and rights during the holocaust? welll this is not my full question for my essay, but is just an introduction i want to start. thank you!

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The answer to such a question is divergent and encompasses so much in way of reactions that a comprehensive answer is nearly impossible.  I think that you can analyze primary and secondary sources and find a combination of responses from private anger to outward displays of defiance, to passive acquiescence to intense resistance.  It is important to not make an error by attempting to totalize the response to the imprisonment and loss off personal freedom during the Holocaust.  I think that you can find examples of individuals who voice activity in the form of solidarity and resistance to the actions of their oppressors.  At the same time, you will find examples of individuals who had to endure the very worst of human nature, who experienced the repudiation of their belief in the divine, and who saw and felt the death and absence of loved ones- individuals who could do little else but become gutted shells of human beings.  It is important to validate both narratives as well as those valences in between as they reflect the authentic experience and response of the loss of personal freedom through imprisonment.

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