Bridge to Terabithia Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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How did Jesse feel about Leslie's father?

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Jesse initially feels somewhat uncomfortable around Leslie's father. He even takes a certain dislike toward him. The main reason for this is jealousy—Jesse doesn't like the fact that Leslie's dad is taking up so much time that he, Jesse, could be spending with his close friend.

Without Leslie, Jesse feels bored and lonely, so it's not surprising that he feels somewhat resentful toward Leslie's dad for keeping her away from him. That's not to say that Leslie's dad is doing any of this to spite Jesse; he needs Leslie's help in making extensive renovations to their house.

But Jesse is too young, too insecure, and too immature to understand this. To make matters worse, Leslie's close, loving relationship with her father stands in stark contrast to Jesse's nonexistent relationship with his own dad. Seeing how well Leslie and her father get along together acts as a constant reminder to Jesse of just what he's missing in his own life.

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