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chicagorilke23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jasper Hale became a vampire in 1863. He was originally born in 1843. He was a Major in the Civil War. He fought in the Confederate Army before a vampire family got to him. Unlike the Cullens, the vampire family that changed him fed on blood of humans rather than that of animals.

zumba96 | Student

Jasper was in the Civil War and was about 17 the time he was enlisted. While he was trying to help the city he meets these three women who are vampires and they bite him and drags him away. Then his war turns into something else. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Jasper was serving in Civil War which was 1863 he was also 17 around the time he served. While he was helping evacuate a city he meet three vampire women one named Maria while they were lagging behind. Maria discussed amongst the other two how good a candidate Jasper would be so before he knows it Maria bites him and drags him off to be changed. Before he knows he dragged into an entire different war of kind that involves killing other covens for bigger food sources.

laurenalexandra17 | Student

Jasper was born in 1843. He joined the confederate army in 1861. He was promoted quite quickly through the ranks. By the first battle of Galveston he was the youngest major in in Texas. He was put in charge of evacuating the women and hildren from the city when the union's mortar boats reached the harbour. He stayed long enought to make sure they were all situated and then he got a fresh horse and mad ehis way back to Galveston.

He found three women about a mile out of the city, he presumed they were straglers and got of his house and went over to them to offer them any hep they might need. He was stunned to see they were so beautiful and he was speechless. Their names were Maria, Nettie and Lucy. Nettie thought he smelled delicious and probaly would have fed on him if Maria hadn't stopped her. Nettie and Lucy went off to hunt and Maria said, "I truly hope you survivem Jasper. I have a good feeling about you." Then he woke up three days later as a vampire.

trinaav | Student

The individual that changed him was a vampire female named Maria. Maria and her family changed him because they saw that he would be a strong asset to the army they were working on building for territorial purposes. But eventually Maria and her family left him, he was alone, confused, miserable, feeding on humans and hating himself for it until he found Alice in a small cafe'. He said it was like she was waiting for him, like fate brought them together. She introduced them to the Cullen family, and Carlisle gave him a home, and helped him adapt to the "Vegetarian" lifestyle.