The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney, Caroline Bruce

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How did Janie feel about her appearance when she compared herself to her girlfriends in The Face on the Milk Carton?

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Janie is not happy about her looks; when she compares herself to her girlfriends, she feels inferior. Actually, Janie has "fabulous hair: a wild, chaotic mane of red curls glinting gold." Most of her friends think this is an asset; Sarah-Charlotte tells her, "that is serious hair." Janie wishes she could keep her hair neat, like Sarah-Charlotte, but, as Sarah-Charlotte points out, it is easier for her because she has "approximately five hundred thousand fewer hairs" than Janie does. Boys occasionally tease Janie about her hair too. When she blushes, Pete says, "You're cute when your face matches you...

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