In "The Lovely Bones", how did Jack and Abigail deal with the loss of Susie?Similarities & Differences?

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Jack couldn't stand the thought of letting Susie go, and Abigail couldn't stand the thought of being haunted by her forever. Jack became consumed with trying to find Susie's killer, which resulted in his knee injury and damage to his career and marriage. Perhaps because Abigail already felt unfulfilled in her life, Susie's death pushed her in a different direction from that of her husband. Abigail was already frustrated by family life in general, because she wanted a career but her family obligations kept her from pursuing her dream of teaching. When Jack began to lose himself in avenging Susie's murder, Abigail left her family -- symbolically, at first, by having an affair, then she actually moved away and left the family behind. When she did return, she left Susie's picture behind in the airport before getting on the plane to go home.

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