How did the Islamic world deal with its steppeland neighbors?be specific

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to some sources, the southern Steppe people actually blended well with many Islamic peoples because economically and culturally they were very similar except for their religion.  There were also times later where many of the people on the steppes actually accepted Islam as their main religion.  Both of them depended heavily on horses and other hooved animals for transportation and on herding for their main source of food and income.

Some of the connection between the two peoples led to slightly different versions of Islam and other religions including Sufiism and others.

Particularly with the spread of Islam into Turkey, the Seljuk Turks gained a great deal of influence as a nomadic power until eventually much of the nomadic peoples lost a great deal of influence because of their inability to concentrate power for any length of time.

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