How did the interactions in the Mediterranean basin shape the development of western civilization?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Mediterranean basin played a major role towards the growth of not only Western civilization but the entire world civilization. The Mediterranean basin is also unique geographically because there is no other such basin than exists anywhere else on our planet. The basin provided a source of connectivity among different communities, this worked to enhance transport and communication. This connectivity led to the emergence of multilateral trade and the sharing of knowledge. This sharing of knowledge contributed immensely to the development of science, art, technology and the emergence of European Empires.

The Mediterranean basin facilitated the emergence of the Western civilization through establishment of the Western Roman Empire and western Christendom. It is during this period that these areas experienced the Renaissance, Enlightenment and the Industrial revolution. The sharing of knowledge also gave rise to the development of Liberal democracy within the Western civilization. Growth of medieval universities was also facilitated with the urge to share information and advancement in learning.

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