How did the industrial revolution impact society?

gsenviro | Student

The Industrial revolution led to several changes in our society, most important of which was the change from chiefly agricultural to service-based society. Similarly, villages started shrinking and small towns became cities due to the influx of labor and the rapid urbanization that took place.

Another major effect was the emergence of the middle class. In the Pre-industrial era, society was divided between wealthy people and workers (mostly in agriculture), people who got daily wages. However, industrialization led to the concept of monthly wages and the new working class - The middle class. No longer were the workers dependent on the weather and seasons for their output.

Pre-industrialization era families were typically dependent on agriculture and lived in rural areas and worked as a unit to earn livelihood. In industrialized cities, workers lived meagerly in difficulty conditions and the sense of ownership that one had with one's own land vanished. 

shmindle | Student

In addition, new technology such as the spinning jenny and the water frame revolutionized the textile industry.  Weavers in England, one of the first nations to industrialize, experienced rising wages and were among the highest-earning workers in England.  Society became very interested in the industrial revolution, too.  London hosted an exhibition called the Crystal Palace celebrating industrial technology, and it attracted around 6 million people from all over Europe.  With the development of railroads, transportation became cheaper and faster.  Railroad construction also created a strong demand for unskilled labor.  The industrial revolution also created a demand for new things.  For example, the extra cloth went to making relatively new things such as undergarments.

aishukul | Student

I just wanted to add from the previous answer that before the industrial revolution, people were living on farms and they had more time to spend with their families. It was a peaceful life. However, the industrial revolution happened: After people started building factories and industries, more and more people began moving into the cities to find jobs. However, there was overpopulation and workers had to work in bad working conditions. They also had less time to spend with families, in addition to the low wages they were paid in return for the large amount of work they did. The industrial revolution impacted society in good and bad ways. People were able to do many different jobs and technology was improved. However, people had less time to spend with families and working conditions weren't the best. 

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