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How did the Industrial revolution change the work patterns and economy of the United States? Be sure to include the following in your essay: 1. Preindustrial work patterns 2. The Transportation, Market and Industrial Revolution 3. The class system.

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The Industrial Revolution impacted the United States in many ways. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most people worked either at home or in small working environments. Everybody knew each other, and generally, the work environment was very cordial. Products were often custom-made by hand, often by skilled workers.

With the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, this system changed. Machines were used to make products, which led to the development of the factory system. People were less likely to work at home, as they worked in factories with many other workers. This change to the factory system tended to put the workers at a disadvantage. The human element was lost, as the owners often had no personal connection to workers. It was more difficult for workers to impact their pay and their working conditions. More unskilled workers were hired once the factory system developed.

A class system was created by the Industrial Revolution. The wealthy or upper class tended to be those people who...

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