How did the Industrial Revolution affect each region of the US?

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edcon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To understand the effects of the industrial revolution on "each region," let's divide the nation into the four cardinal directions and consider major developments.

  • The South benefited from Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin, and cotton became a major crop as the South remained largely agrarian in this period, both before and after the Civil War. 
  • In the North, the industrial revolution created an economy based on manufacturing.  Eli Whitney's cotton gin and the development of interchangeable parts enabled the North to dominate manufacturing.
  • The East, particularly the Northeast, became the center of textile production during the early years of the industrial revolution; this is in part due to the extensive river system in this region that provided water power for the mills.
  • In the West, the completion of the transcontinental railroad by the joining of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific lines enabled mass transit of both passengers and freight to move industrialization west.