What did imperialists think of the people in the countries they were colonizing?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The imperialistic countries had definite thoughts about the people living in the lands where they were going to set up colonies.  One of the reasons for establishing colonies was to spread the so-called superior way of life of the imperialistic powers.  The imperialistic powers believed that people who lived in these lands had an inferior way of life.  These people needed guidance and education about how to life properly.  The imperialistic powers believed it was their duty to teach these undeveloped and/or uncivilized people how to develop a country, how to run a government, and how to live life.  They needed to show them how to set up an economy that would create jobs and help them earn money.  The imperialistic powers did not think highly of the people they were colonizing.

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