How did imperialism affect China?

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Imperialism had a significant effect on China. China was a very weak country around 1900. Due to a lot of infighting between the warlords in China, China was not a strong nation. As a result, European imperial powers looked to carve up China for themselves. China had a lot of items that the European countries wanted. China was in danger of losing its independence as a result of this. European countries had set up spheres of influence throughout China.

The United States was concerned about events in China. We wanted to trade there, and we were very concerned we would lose the ability to do that if Europe colonized China. As a result, the United States issued the Open Door Policy in 1899. This said all countries had equal trading rights in China. We informed the Europeans that we expected this policy to be honored.

The Chinese were concerned about the amount of western influence in the country. As a result, the Boxer Rebellion occurred in 1900. Westerners were killed, and some property was destroyed. The United States convinced Europe not to intervene in China militarily, but to accept financial compensation instead. We were worried a military invasion would lead to the colonization of China. Imperialism had a big impact on China.