How did the immigrants contribute in the U.S?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Immigrants have made many contributions to our country. Our economic development has depended on the role immigrants have played. Many immigrants worked in the factories during the Industrial Revolution. They worked very long hours for low pay. Our economy grew significantly during the Industrial Revolution. Immigrants also had a role during World War II. We needed workers to harvest crops in the farm fields of California. As part of the Bracero program, many immigrants came to our country to harvest these crops. The growth of our country was dependent on immigrants. Many Chinese and Irish immigrants worked building the transcontinental railroad. This railroad helped the West grow. It also helped businesses develop in the newly settled regions. Immigrants have furthered our knowledge in many areas. Scientists like Albert Einstein have greatly added to our scientific knowledge. Immigrants have developed new products and inventions. We use these products on a daily basis. Immigrants have added to our culture. We are a very diverse country because of these immigrant groups and the traditions and cultures they have brought to our country. We are becoming more of a bilingual country because of immigration. Immigrants have made a lot of contributions to our country.

vnessawong21 | Student

Immigrants contributed to the U.S. in many ways. The primary influence immigrants had on the U.S. was shaping its culture and traditions. Immigrants brought in new languages and along with that styles and new ways of thinking. Because the United States was a predominantly European populated country, a diverse spread of immigrants helped to diversify and develop its culture in unforeseen ways. In addition to radically changing culture, immigrants also greatly improved trading relationships and allowed foreign trades and businesses to operate more smoothly.