How did humans come into the world?just wanted to know how we came into the world.

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hi1954 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any of the proponents of the dozen or so major modern theories of Evolution, such as Synthetic theory or the Punctuated Equilibrium theory, a traditional Sioux medicine man or woman, a rabbi, a Brahmin and an Ashanti witch doctor would all give different answers to your question.  Although evolutionary theory is believed by a great many people it is far from the only current theory, and there are many variations of evolutionary theory, some quite antagonistic to one another.

Traditional Hindus still believe in their version, traditional Christians may believe the Biblical account or evolution or some combination of the two, etc.  Some Native Americans still believe their ethnic stories, some don't, and the same is true of peoples all over the world.  These ideas, a variety of evolutionary approaches, Intelligent Design, "Creation Science," etc., are all believed by great numbers of people.  The structural problem is that no one alive during historic times, which is to say since humans began keeping written records, was alive at the time, so we really just don't know for sure.

The links below lead to a site on Synthetic Theory of Evolution (with links to the history of evolutionary theories) and to a site on three major current world views on this question, including evolution, the Bible account and a synthesis of the two.  Another link will lead to a site where you can find information about more information on different views of this issue, by various religious, ethnic and scientific sources.

Many people who have a specific belief on this question will claim that everyone who disagrees with them is wrong, as well as stupid, ignorant or headed for Hell.  Just remember, none of them really knows positively.  Do your own research, use your own brain, draw your own conclusions, and you will probably be as "right" as anyone else.

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Humans evolved from lower forms of life, and are clearly part of the primate family, which includes monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas, to name a few. The fossil record suggests that we became "human" in Africa and then, as we spread all over the world, we began to adapt to the environments we inhabited and exhibit physiological differences that reflected those adaptations, for example, darker or lighter skin, eyes, and hair. Currently, scientists think that all life began in the sea, and then some life forms came onto land and began to adapt to the new environment.  It was a long road from some forms of bacteria in the sea to humans who could put a man on the moon. 

Some people believe the Bible version of how life began, with God creating Adam and Eve.  But this is a question of belief, not a question of scientific validity.  I personally have no difficulty believing in God and understanding at the same time that humans came to be as a process of evolution. 

gcollins5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All life evolves from some other form of life. Genetic modifications happen in living things for a variety of reasons, and as these genetic modifications are passed to successive generations, the newer generations are slightly changed. Over time, this can cause an entire species shift, and an entire new species evolves.

Humans are hominids, and are generally considered to have evolved from a branch of primates that gave rise to both humans and apes. That is not to say that we evolved from apes (as many uninformed people tend to say), but that apes and humans share a common ancestor not too far in their past. We know this from DNA studies - we haven't drifted all that far genetically! Still, it makes a huge difference.

Incidentally, humans are still evolving. All living things do to one extent or another.

jillyfish | Student

These links show the latest amazing fossil find. Science has discovered millions of fossils and all of them fit the evolutioary model, but sometimes they find something very rare and special. This fossil was 'discovered' this year, it is already one of the most famous fossils in history. It is our direct ancestor and the oldest primate fossil found so far. So, Winona, the answer to your question is... look at the fossil... humans came from that.


jillyfish | Student

We evolved. It is as simple as that. We can prove it, the answers are written in your DNA. Religion hates this truth and works very hard to destroy it, but they can't destroy it. It is true. Science has provided the answer... Evolution. It is completely provable. Evolution has been researched for 150 years and every year it gets more and more detailed and accurate.


Q) What would it take to disprove evolution?

A) Rabbit fossils in the precambrian.


luckycharm444 | Student

Regardless of what anyone wants to believe, evolution is false, and God created humans. Humans did not come from animals because God created them, AND evolution is NOT proven, and there is no way that evolution can be true because animals do not have smart brains like humans.

parkourfreak | Student

To jillifish...

I have a question for you. You say that we evolved-"its as simple as that". What you don't undertand that in order for a species to evolve, it requires new DNA to become more complex and different- changing from a different species to a new one altogether. This is 'proved' by animals changing all the time as we can see in our enviroment. What is not known by many is that when an animal changes-like say in a dog-more elongated ears or say a more droopy tail NO new DNA is added. IN fact, the gene pool is made smaller, that is there are less genes to have more variation. This can cause an enormous problem in ecosystems as animals can no longer adapt to change and diseases can wipe out entire populations. The whole theory of evolution is built on the assumption that a cell can evolve and change over millions of years becoming MORE complex and different. What we can see is that animals and species are losing genes and becoming less and less varied-species are not evolving and changing into better creatures. Fine, they can change into creatures that are better suited to the enviroment but certainly not into different species. The law of Thermodynamics states that everything is getting worse from a fixed point. Things are not getting better as the evolution theory requires.

alilion | Student

A man knows nothing...and making up theories only brainwashing others..theories are made up by humans..they're not did not come from then the question is where did the monkeys come i said this to my teacher he said some sort of bacteria....i couldn't stop laughing...

Listen...We are all here because of Adam and Eve, because they ate from the forbidden tree etc.. this is why we are all here...

xkathx | Student

it is all very interesting.if humans are evolving, can scientists predict how we will look thousands of years from now?

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