How did Hitler violate the Versailles Treaty?  

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Hitler had always said he would tear up the Versailles Treaty, as he believed it to be unjust to Germany. Once he'd achieved power, he wasted little time in fulfilling his long-standing promise. Yet Hitler was unable to do this without the complicity of the Allied powers, who were keen to do what they could to avoid another war even if it meant effectively wrecking the Versailles Treaty. For instance, the Treaty explicitly stated that Germany was allowed to have no more than six battleships. However, under a naval agreement with Britain, Europe's leading maritime power, Hitler was permitted to have a navy which was 35% of the British fleet. As a result, Germany had amassed an impressive fleet of 95 warships by the start of World War II.

The French were also complicit in violating the Versailles Treaty. Before German troops marched into the de-militarized Rhineland, Hitler ordered his generals to do nothing if the French tried to stop them. But they didn't, and the consequences for France were to be disastrous. Slowly but surely Hitler was dismantling the Versailles Treaty, and the Allied signatories to that Treaty were helping him every step of the way.

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Adolf Hitler violated the Versailles Treaty in several ways. The Versailles Treaty required that Germany would dismantle its military and have only a military with defensive capabilities. Hitler began to build up the German military so that it could have offensive capabilities. He also began to draft soldiers, which was a violation of the terms of the Versailles Treaty. He felt Germany was mistreated by the terms of the Versailles Treaty. He wanted to build up the military as part of his plan to restore German nationalism and to help stimulate the economy that was in a depression.

Hitler also moved his military into the Rhineland in 1936. This region, which borders Germany and France, was supposed to be a demilitarized area according to the terms of the Versailles Treaty.

Hitler also began to invade other countries. In 1938, he annexed Austria, and he wanted to take over part of Czechoslovakia where many Germans lived. He was able to get this land, called the Sudetenland, as a result of the Munich Pact. In 1939, he invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Adolf Hitler violated the Versailles Treaty in many ways.

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