Hitler, Adolf

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How did Hitler fulfill the promises of the Nazi Party?

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In 1919, the Nazi Party was founded as the German Worker's Party. Its promises included the abolition of what they considered unfair terms of the Treaty of Versailles, opposition to communism, remilitarization of Germany, uplift of the "supreme" Aryan race, and the establishment of anti-Semitic and racist policies that were...

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supposed to ensure the well-being of the Aryan German people.

Adolf Hitler joined the party shortly after its founding. In 1921, he became its leader and changed the name to the National Socialist German Worker's Party. He was a charismatic public speaker who proclaimed that he could provide the salvation of the German people and their nation. He called for the establishment of the "master Aryan race," the expulsion of communists and Jews, and revolution that would relieve the German people of unemployment, inflation, poverty, and hunger. At first, Hitler's revolution failed, and he even spent time in prison. However, in 1933, he became chancellor of Germany.

At once Hitler set out to fulfill the promises of the Nazi Party. All political parties except the Nazis were banned. In 1933, the Nazis established the first concentration camp in Dachau, to which they sent Jews, communists, and other political prisoners. Numerous other concentration camps, some for the purpose of murdering prisoners, were later set up. Once Hitler's control of the government was complete, he worked on foreign policy aimed at overturning the terms of the Versailles Treaty. He had Germany withdraw from the League of Nations and build up German armed forces far beyond what was permissible in the treaty. Eventually he ordered German troops to invade Poland, and World War II began.

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The Nazi Party had two main promises.  First, it promised that it would make Germany strong and powerful again.  Second, it promised that it would punish the Jews for their role in weakening the country.  Hitler fulfilled both of these promises.

To fulfill the anti-Semitic part of the Nazi platform, Hitler imposed ever harsher laws on the Jews.  He started out by excluding them from various professions in Germany's economy.  He continued with such laws as those banning Jews from being German citizens.  He finally ended up perpetrating mass murder against them.

To fulfill the party's promise of power and strength, Hitler rebuilt the military.  He did so in contravention of the Treaty of Versailles.  By rebuilding the military, he made many more jobs for the people and helped to bring prosperity back to Germany.  He made Germany more of a power by intimidating the various countries of Europe.  By the time just before WWII broke out, he had absorbed Austria and Czechoslovakia into Germany.  By doing these things, he had made Germany prosperous and powerful once again.

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