How did Jane Addams choices and opinions fit into the prevailing attitudes of the middle class?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one way in which Addams's choices and opinions fit into   prevailing middle class attitudes was in how she believed that everyone could find a realm of community within Hull- House.  Addams stressed an egalitarianism, reflective of middle class attitudes. One example of this in Twenty Years at Hull House can be seen in how art galleries and art shows at Hull House span a greater appreciation for art, in general:  "Perhaps the most satisfactory results of the studio have been obtained through the classes of young men who are engaged in the commercial arts, and who are glad to have an opportunity to work out their own ideas."  Addams displays a middle class perspective in suggesting that artistic appreciation is not for a particular group of people.  Rather, art is egalitarian.  This reflects the prevailing attitude of the middle class.

In suggesting that Hull House can serve as a locality in the neighborhood where equality in status can be embraced by everyone, Addams displays choices and opinions that can fit into the prevailing attitudes of the middle class.  The mere idea of Hull House is one where the element of equality is intrinsic to the construction of the middle class.  Addams' defense of moving away from the hierarchal terracing of status is an example of her choices and opinions fitting into a prevailing attitude of the middle class.

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