How did Henry VIII influnce religion in England?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question. King Henry VIII was one of the most important figures in the historical development of England. A little context is necessary to understand this point. 

First, we need to realize that when Henry VIII became King of England, the Protestant Reformation was in full swing. Moreover, there were a group of people in England called the Lollards, who also had protestant leanings. This allowed for the Protestant movement to gain traction. 

Second, when Henry VIII left the fold of the Catholic church, this allowed the the church of England to develop apart from the authority of the Catholic church. This fact allowed for their to be a English reformation, the creation of a Common book of Prayer, and a distinctly Protestant view of the world in terms of faith. 

In light of these points, Henry VIII perhaps unwittingly started England in a Protestant direction, which Queen Elizabeth would bring to the next level. 

hn3192 | Student

He separated from the catholic church so he could divorce his wife, and then created the english church.