How did Harry Potter come back from the dead with the help of the stone?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The sorcerer's stone is not the same thing as the Resurrection stone from the Deathly Hallows.  The sorcerer's stone in the first book was invented by Nicholas Flamel.  Flamel used it to keep himself and his wife alive for years and years.  Dumbledore, however, feared that Voldemort would take the stone to try and resurrect himself, so he convinced Flamel to let him hide it at Hogwarts.

The resurrection stone, however, had been found by Dumbledore on the cursed ring of Marvolo Gaunt.  It appears at the end of Deathly Hallowsin Harry's snitch that he received in Dumbledore's will.

At the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry does not use the stone to resurrect himself or anyone else for that matter.  He faces Quirrell and Voldemort, but Quirrell cannot touch him, because of ancient blood magic left in place by Harry's mother's sacrifice.  After Harry escapes and Quirrell perishes, Dumbledore announces that the sorcerer's stone will be destroyed.

crystaltu001 | Student

Harry didn't actually die. In fact, Voldemort actually killed a horcrux of his own that was actually Harry. Yes, Harry was a horcrux. When Voldemort used the forbidden spell on Harry, he actually destroyed the horcrux part in Harry. Therefore, if Harry had not been a horcrux, he would've died. In truth, Voldemort destroyed his own horcrux.

Wiggin42 | Student

I think you're very confused. The sorcerer's stone adds years to one's life, but Harry never wanted to or actually used that. The resurrection stone is a deathly hallow that can bring a shadow of what people were back to life. Harry does use this one to speak with Sirius, his parents, and Lupin. But he doesn't use it on himself. 

brenduucha | Student

Harry didn't use the stone to come back from the dead. 

He never actually dies in the first place. Harry, we can say, goes into a "coma". The thing that is hiding in the movie, under a bench is the part of Voldemort that lived inside of Harry. That part is the one which died when Voldemort "kills" Harry. Harry was a Horrocrux

whirlpool | Student

He didn't use the stone to resurrect himself. He survived for a number of different reasons. When Harry's mother died, she died throwing herself in front of Harry block him from the killing curse.

This act of love bound Harry to the protection of love, which acording to the book, is very powerful magic.

Due to this protection, Harry survived the killing curse when Voldemort atempted to use it on him.

Later in the series, when Draco Malfoy cornered Albus Dumbledore in eht astronomy tower, Draco disarmed Albus. Albus' wand, the Elder Wand, is the most powerful wand in the world. When Draco dissarmed Dumbledore, the wand changed its allegences and became Draco's instead of Dumbledore's.

Dumbledore was burried with the Elder Wand.

Later, in Malfoy Mannor, Harry disarmed Draco of his normal wand (not the Elder wand). Because of this, the wand in Dumbledore's tomb also changed its allegance to Harry.

Voldemort stole the Elder wand from Dumbledore's tomb.

When Harry went to die, and was hit with the Killing curse, he could not be killed because Voldemort tried to use Harry's wand against him. One's wand will not kill its master. This in addition to his mother's protection, saved him from death.

Voldemort instead killed a part of his soul which was attached to Harry the night Voldemort tried to kill him. This piece of soul is a Horcrux.

So really, Harry didn't really die at all. He just got knocked out. He only thought he was going to die.

The stone just helped him have the courage to walk to Voldemort and let Lord V kill him.

princessita-2-day | Student

using the help of Dumbledore.

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