How did the Greek ideas influence the Islamic Renaissance in science, medicine, geography and/or trade?You can explain any aspects you dont have to explain all of them.

sajjad1476 | Student

The Islamic reniassance is a age in which the Muslims developed interest in aspects of knowledge science, medicine, math, geog, art E.C.T. It was like the European reniassance except it took place 600 years before the European one


Medicine was one of the first aspects to gain attention of the Muslims. As you said they learned from Greeks. Before that time they believed illness was caused by god and turned towards prayer for it. When the conquered Greeks they got to know the logical reason and looked for the cure. Muslims scholars built upon the knowledge of Greeks like Galen and Hippocrates.


they improved on a Greek device called astrolabe. This was used to tell the accurate time using stars


geog and trade

using the astrolabe and compass Muslims travelled the world. 



in case you want to know more let me know!

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