How did the Great Awakening inspire ordinary citizens to assert their right to independent judgement? Did the movement expand freedom? Why or why not?

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The First Great Awakening was a period of the British colonies that lasted from 1730-1750. It was a movement that affected many of the religious communities in the New England colonies. The movement was sparked by concern over the ideals of the Enlightenment spreading from Europe into the new world. People began to think for themselves, and their ideas about religion began to change. This change caused new preachers and revivalists to spring up throughout the colonies, promoting a return to faith. The revival movement was a push back against the traditional establishment religions that had come over from England including Anglicanism and Presbyterianism.

Preachers like Johnathan Edwards and George Whitfield propelled the movement forward with their philosophy about Christianity—but it had a significant impact on the way citizens of the colonies and eventually, Americans, began to view religion, authority, and social class. One effect of the First Great Awakening was the proliferation...

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