Walk Two Moons Questions and Answers
by Sharon Creech

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How did Gram decide to marry Gramps in Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech?

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The love story between Gram and Gramps is one of the core elements of the plot in Walk Two Moons. When Gram and Gramps met, Gramps was only seventeen years old, and Gram was around the same age. From the first moment he saw her, Gramps fell head over heels. He knew that someday, somehow, he and Gram would get married.

When they started seeing each other and Gramps proposed, Gram had only one question for him: how does he treat his dog? Gramps told Gram all about his beagle and how well he cared for his pet. This convinced Gram to agree to marry him. She wanted to make sure that Gramps would be a caring husband and, in her opinion, the love he showed to his dog indicated that he was a kind and compassionate person.

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