How did government policies impact the cattle industry boom?

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The cattle industry began to grow significantly in the 1800s. The Civil War played a role in this growth. The demand for meat increased during this time, helping profits increase for the cattle ranchers.

There were other government actions that helped the cattle ranchers. As people moved to the West, in part to raise cattle, the government worked to protect the people living in the West from attacks by the Native Americans. Soldiers were brought to the West to protect them. For example, in 1849, the government bought Fort Laramie and stationed soldiers there. Other battles were fought with the Native Americans to help protect the Americans living in the West.

The government also worked to improve transportation to and from the West. More railroad lines were built in the South and in the West. Eventually, the transcontinental railroad was built. These improvements made it easier for cattle ranchers to get their herds to the slaughterhouses and to get needed supplies to the West.

The cattle industry grew in the 1800s, and the government played a role in that growth.

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