How did Gloria Anzaldua criticize and reshape the American culture which she lived in?

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Through her works, Gloria Anzaldua made the voices of feminist and lesbian Mexican Americans heard within the context of Chicano culture and the larger American mainstream. Anzaldua refused to be limited and contained within Chicano culture and adopted instead a perspective that she called "mestiza". This involves not adhering strictly to one culture but to a mixture of cultures, claiming the border, an image that often recurs in her books, as a metaphorical cultural locale, rather than a merely geographical one, to be trespassed. A self-described "border woman", the writer characterized herself as having "multiple identities", a condition typical of those living at the juncture of cultures. Anzaldua also protested against the marginalization of the people living on the border of the U.S., particularly through the erasure of the Mexican contribution to the construction of the nation. 

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