How did the Globe Theater affect the people/Patronstypes of plays performed. How do the Theater differ from the ones today

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Globe Theatre where many of Shakespeare's plays were performed helped the people to see the Chamberlain's Men (Shakespeares travelling acting troupe) at close quarters in a customized venue - it was built especially for them.

The theater was constructed (some say from 'borrowed staging' from other theaters!) during the Bard's first writing period. One of his 'friends' or 'patrons' could be said to be in  Cuthbert Burbage, brother of Richard -the most famous Shakespearean actor of the time, Richard Burbage.

Other 'patrons/friends' would have been associates of Burbage - they were assured of a steady source of excellent content for The Chamberlain's Men because Shakespeare was their writer. In fact, many of the so-called patrons were partners themselves as they belonged to the troupe (John Heminge, Augustine Phillips, Thomas Pope, Will Kempe, and, Shakespeare himself.) The Lord Chamberlain representing Queen Elizabeth) was a sponsor.

As to the audience or the people - there were ticket prices to suit all, and the rich rubbed shoulders with the poor - that was probably the biggest effect of all - that the classes could mix in a cultural/entertainment venue.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with much of the above answer but would take issue with the second paragraph.

Plays before the establishment of theaters like The Globe were not exclusive.  Some were, but those were ones put on in the homes of nobles.  However, most plays were put on by strolling players or in the open courtyards of inns.  These plays would not have been reserved for the elite.  If anything, the elite would have shunned them.  So the theaters actually allow people of all classes to see plays at the same time (though not in the same conditions).

One thing I would add to the first answer is that plays today are much more "high culture" than they were in Elizabethan times.  The availability of TV and movies and such mean that the masses do not go to plays for everyday entertainment.  Instead, plays are more for people who see themselves as cultured than for "regular" people.

mkcapen1 | Student

Plays and events during the time before the Globe theatre was built were usually performed in stables, churches, taverns, castles, and/or fields.  The actors were in troupes that were nomadic.  They would travel from place to place to put on their shows.  Their costumes were limited and so were their stage props.   Richard Burbage and his brother built the Globe in order to be able to have a set place for performances.  The establishment of the Globe allowed the actors to be able to create and store elaborate scenery and props, costumes, and produce new and special side effects. It created a setting that allowed for competition among writers and theatre groups.  This occurred after the other people identified that there was a profit to be made in the theatre businesses.  Therefore, they built other theatres and hired their own troupes.  The various writers competed to create the programs that would be of greatest interest to the public.  William Shakespeare worked at the Globe with his troupes for a period and created many of his most famous lays for presentation at the Globe.

The other way the Globe changed things for the people was that it allowed for the poor and the wealthy to be able to partake of the arts.  Previously the plays of great talent were usually only accessible to the upper class.  Peasants and workers had little hope of being able to attend performances.  The Globe provided an area where the poorer class could sit at a reasonable price.  By doing so, its owners invited the arts into the lives of the lower and middle class population.  Matinees were also shown and many a worker skipped work to attend a performance.  Influence of the Globe is still evident in the way that local movie theatres and play houses or stages put on matinee’s and have different expenses for tickets depending on the location of the seats.

Modern theatre continues to use many of the plays that were developed by William Shakespeare. In some instances he plays have been adapted to meet the intellectual and modernistic needs of the modern day viewer. Unlike the actors who performed at the Globe, women perform in roles alongside men. Modern theatre has sound systems and technology that is used to create extravagant special effects.  In addition, many programs use a full orchestra to create the mood.

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shaulain | Student

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