How did the girls get Marshall to play "The Egypt Game"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

April and Melanie get Marshall to play the Egypt Game by telling him that his part will be to play "a king...a terribly important kind of king...everybody (has) to bow down to him and do exactly what he (says)".

Marshall is quietly playing in the dirt when April and Melanie come up with the idea of having Marshall be a "young pharaoh, heir to the throne of Egypt".  They themselves will play the parts of the "high priestesses who are going to offer him as a human sacrifice on the crocodile altar" to the evil god Set.  When they start chanting about presenting "the bloody heart of the young Pharaoh...Marshamosis", Marshall stands up and quickly tries to escape.  When the girls stop him, he defiantly asserts, "Leave my bloody heart alone!"  When April and Melanie assure Marshall that "it's just a game, just pretend...we wouldn't really hurt you", Marshall is still reluctant.  When they explain that he will get to be "a king...king of all the Egyptians", he then decides it might be fun to play after all (Chapter 5).