How did Germany attempt to exploit anti-imperialist sentiment in Africa in order to strengthen it's strategic position?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

German attempts to exploit anti-imperialist sentiment were generally confined to North Africa.  Germany used both print media and radio broadcasts to disseminate propaganda that played on Arab and Muslim grievances against their colonial rulers.  By doing so, Germany hoped to help turn the colonized Africans against France and (more importantly) England.  If this could be accomplished, Germany felt, its hold on the Mediterranean would be greatly enhanced.

German propaganda attempts included both secular and religious appeals to North Africans.  They attempted to play on African resentment of colonization.  However, they also attempted to create support for the Third Reich because of ties between its hatred of Jews and the anti-Semitic ideas expressed in some parts of the Koran and embraced by some Arabs.