How did Germaine Greer contribute to the Women's Liberation in Australia, apart from The Female Eunuch?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Greer has contributed to Australian and worldwide notions of feminism in her writing beyond The Female Eunuch.  One way this has been done is in her writing about women's fertility issues and women's experience of menopause.  In her writings, Greer has sought to expand the understanding of women and the predicaments that women confront.  In seeking to illuminate a wider condition of what it means to be a woman, addressing it from biological, social, and psychological frames of references, Greer contributes to the idea of women's liberation in Australia and in a worldwide context.

At the same time, Greer's writings regarding the Aboriginal situation in Australia has helped to enhance her thoughts on feminism.  Greer is suggesting that if Australia is committed to enhancing the rights of women, it must show the same courage in addressing the issue of Aboriginal identity in Australia.  Greer's writings and thoughts on the subject have helped to enhance and strengthen her commitment to feminism by seeking to expand voice to a group that has endured so much in way of silence in Australian society.  Greer's advocacy for the voice of the Aboriginal population has helped to substantiate her commitment to feminist ideals.

seerboldly | Student

Thank you for answering. Can you provide me with some example of how she portrayed these issues through her writting? I can't find anyone books or events which Greer was involved in which had to do with menopause.

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