How did George Washington affect society and historical development in the short term? In the long run? Today?

George Washington led America to independence. He also played a very important role in the design of the Constitution of the United States. These are both reasons why George Washington has had a great impact on American society and history over the years, which can even be seen today.

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George Washington served as the first president of the United States of America, from 1789 to 1797. However, he is far more famous for the fact that he led the Continental Army during the American Revolution, which ultimately led to American independence. Up until this point, America had been a British colony, but in the American Revolution, George Washington successfully fought against the British and freed America from these colonial chains. Therefore, you can clearly see that George Washington had a huge effect both on social as well as historical development—after all, thanks to him America became a free country and Americans could finally proudly identify themselves as free Americans. Americans were no longer subject to the British crown, but instead they were now governed by an American government, elected by the American people.

His influence on history and society didn't just stop there, however. Following the independence of America, he played an important part in the writing of the American Constitution, which is still a very important document and the foundation of American democracy today. Therefore, you could say that his influence on society can even be seen today, as it is thanks to him that America is a free and democratic country.

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