How did General Blunt get Jeff and Noah's names for their medals? It is from the book rifles for wati in chapters 13, 14

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of the Battle of Prairie Grove in Chapter 12, Jeff and Noah, who had filled in bravely manning the cannon, are approached by the liertenant in charge of artillery. The lieutenant, "his dirty face beaming...asked for Jeff's and Noah's names, scribbled them on a dirty piece of cartridge paper, and thanked them profusely." Dazed from the noise and trauma of battle, Jeff and Noah don't even wonder at the time why he did that. Later, after they had received their medals and Jeff questions how General Blunt knew who they were, Noah remembers the incident (Chapter 13).

revolution | Student

At Chapter 12, at the end of the battle of Prairie Grove, General Bluff, who was in charge of the artillery approached both of them, who had helped greatly in manning the cannon and avoiding a megalomaniac disaster to blow up. The general asked them for their names and scribbled their names down one tattered piece of paper and thanked them profusely.

So, at Chapter 13, one day during the morning inspection, both their names were called and they were awarded for assisting greatly with the battery, and each of them got a medal of honor as a token of appreciation for the hard work they put into the battle. Feeling puzzled on how the general knew their names, they asked him and finally realized about the moment with him in the previous chapter and that they had already met before, without knowing each other at the first place.