How does the game in "The Most Dangerous Game" end?

Expert Answers
dbrooks22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For General Zaroff, the game ends when Rainsford jumps from the cliff into the water. He thinks that Rainsford dies in the fall, and he is disappointed because he feels that Rainsford has been a worthy adversary.  For Rainsford, the game does not end when he jumps from the cliff. He swims to safety and makes it to Zaroff’s mansion before Zaroff. He hides in the Zaroff’s bedroom. When Zaroff enters the room, Rainsford confronts him, surprising Zaroff. Zaroff congratulates Rainsford, telling him he has won the game. Rainsford, however, tells Zaroff  to  get ready because he is “still a beast at bay.” The game doesn’t end for Rainsford until he has killed Zaroff because it was never a game for Rainsford.

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