How did the French treat the Native Americans?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The French treated the Native Americans well.  When the French settled in North America, they began to develop relationships with the Native Americans.  The French and Native Americans were good trading partners.  One of the reasons why they were able to trade with the Native Americans was the French made it clear to the Native Americans that they did not want their land.  This trade was profitable for both the French and the Native Americans.  The French also reached out to the Native Americans in other ways. The French converted the Native Americans to Christianity.  Some of the French married Native Americans.  Because the French weren’t viewed as a threat and because the French had established personal connections with the Native Americans, the relationship between the two groups was generally quite positive.  This can be seen in the French and Indian War.  Most Native Americans sided with French in this conflict against the British. 

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