How did Francois and Perrault respond when they discover that Buck has killed Spitz?  

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In the novel Call of the Wild by Jack London, Buck is the main character who turns from a civilized, pampered pet into a wild creature willing to kill. Spitz, the lead dog of the team and Buck's nemesis, challenges Buck over a rabbit, the fight to the death begins.  Buck wins by using his imagination and changing a strategy midstream.  Spitz dies, and only Buck appears the next morning.  Both Francois and Perrault, two practical men, comment, "An' dat Buck fight lak two hells".   Francois says, "No more Spitz; no more trouble, sure." They simply comment on what cannot be fixed and plan to continue on.  When the lead dog's place is given to another dog, Buck refuses to be part of the team.  Francois and Perrault try to coax, to catch, to punish, to curse Buck into his usual place in the team which Buck will not do.  When he is given the lead dog spot, and the clubs thrown down, Buck becomes the new leader.  The two men react with resigned consent, and finally get the team on the trail.  Buck is now the new leader, a better leader than Spitz, and the two men are happy with the faster pace and controlled team.


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