How did the founders embed the principles of the Constitution?  

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The Founding Fathers have embedded the principles of the Constitution. There were ways these principles were firmly put into the document. The concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances are intertwined throughout the Constitution. The Constitution goes to great lengths to specify that each branch of government has a different job to do than the other branches of government. They wanted to prevent any branch from getting too much power.

The Founding Fathers also wanted to be sure that no branch of government had too much power. Besides giving each branch a different job to do, the Founding Fathers gave each branch of government the power to limit the actions of other branches. For example, while Congress passes laws, the President can reject or veto them. Congress, however, can override the veto.

The Founding Fathers wanted it to be clear that the federal government and the federal laws take priority over the state government and the state laws. For example, statement governments can’t pass laws that go against federal laws. They also made it clear that the government gets its power from the people.

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