According to Greek Mythology, how did fire change the life of man?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The role of fire transformed the life of men.  The symbolic meaning of fire cannot be more evident.  "Fire" being representative of light, of sight, and the source of warmth.  It was also symbolic because man was able to huddle around it in order to bask in its glow.  This allowed the first elements of society or a social setting to emerge.  It also helped to change mankind because it was a way for mortals to be one step closer to the Olympian Gods.  Fire had been an element only of the Immortals, but once man possessed it, the capacity to be more than "lowly mortals" had become evident.  Naturally, this possession caused Zeus, king of the Gods, to be angry and take it away, only to have it restored by Prometheus.  Through his possession of fire and with the counsel of Prometheus, mankind used fire to trick Zeus into choosing the lesser cuts of meat, while keeping the best portions.  The role of fire was evident as it was used to roast the meat, causing Zeus' confusion as to which pile of meat to take.  Here, we see fire aiding mankind in a way to trick or outsmart the gods.  Fire transformed mankind in its ability to move one step closer to the realm of the immortals, one step closer to power.

robie12 | Student

fire gave man the ability to cook food make houses and also give light and wormth, but with the fire came some bad things.