How did the family reach the tropical island?

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For six days, the Robinson family's ship is pounded by a wild storm that rages on and on until the sailors are exhausted. The ship is completely off course, nobody knows where they are, the masts are broken, and the vessel is filling with water.

The Robinsons pray, along with the sailors. Someone spots land, then the ship hits a rock and begins to break up. The Robinsons are left behind as the sailors make off in all the life boats.

However, providence is on the family's side, for their cabin is in a part of the ship that is wedged high between two large rocks. Mr. Robinson realizes that they will be safe there until morning, when they may be able to head out for the land that they can see in the distance.

In the morning, they find blue skies. They fear all the sailors in the life boats have drowned. The family then puts together "empty flasks and tin canisters" to make floats, which then carry them to the shore of the island.

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The answer to this question can be found in chapter one. The Robinsons reach the tropical island after their ship is wrecked in a storm. They have been blown so far off course that they do not even know their exact location. After sighting land, the ship founders on the rocks. The captain then orders the ship abandoned. However, the crew leaves the doomed ship without the Robinsons.

The family spends the night aboard the ruined ship. They gather as much food and provisions as they can and set about building a boat. Catching an incoming tide, the whole family boards their crude boat, replete with food, weapons, and livestock, and rows toward the island. Finding a place to land is a challenge, as the shore is rocky and uninviting. However, with the use of a spyglass, they spot a small bay by a stream and safely land on shore.

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