How did expectations play a role in the lives of the Socs and Greasers? How did external and internal expectations influence each group's actions?

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The Socs are a privileged group of adolescents, who have a positive reputation because they wear nice clothes, drive fancy cars, and reside in the affluent side of town. In contrast, the Greasers consist of lower-class adolescents, who come from broken homes and have bad reputations of being criminals and "hoods." The Socs are expected to behave properly and live up to their positive reputations. However, they demonstrate a complete lack of morals by routinely starting fights, getting drunk, and hosting out-of-control parties. Despite engaging in illegal activities, they tend to get all the breaks because they are wealthy. In contrast, the Greasers are expected to behave like ignorant criminals, which is unfair to boys like Pony and Darry, who are hard-working, intelligent individuals with many positive character traits. Pony resents the fact that he is labeled lousy and a "hood" simply because he is a Greaser.

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