Native Americans and the Colonists

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How did the European settlers have a negative impact on the Native Americans?

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Colonialism had, and continues to have, horrific effects upon indigenous tribes and peoples of this land. In North and South America, the indigenous population was reduced by an absolutely staggering 90% following European colonization. The majority of this absolutely devastating loss of life resulted from European diseases. However, outright massacres, vigilante attacks, displacement, suicide, and death from enslavement contributed to this statistic. Indigenous tribes that survived initial contact experienced continued attacks by white settlers and white militias. By the mid 1800s, tribes were systematically driven from their homelands and forced westward in a genocidal government operation that killed thousands of indigenous people. In the 1890s, the government began kidnapping indigenous children and forcing them into boarding schools that gave way to systematic cultural genocide and resulted in massive abuse, as well as death, of indigenous children. Today, indigenous people...

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