How did the Scientific Revolution affect the Enlightenment?

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I think that the Scientific Revolution impacted the Enlightenment because it embodied so much of what was believed.  The emphasis on scientific modes of inquiry, human deduction and reason, as well as the belief that there can be perfectability in the world are elements that fueled the Enlightenment belief systems.  The Scientific Revolution stressed that human beings are capable of improving their lot in life and are also in possession of the ability to solve problems.  This sense of human empowerment is of vital importance to the Enlightenment thinkers, who took the advances made during the Scientific Revolution as evidenced that these can be the premises of a useful and purpose fueled sense of being in the world.  The Enlightenment understood in the most critical of senses that the advances and displays of progress during the Scientific Revolution can transform the world, empowering people to make themselves and their settings better than when initially started.  This sense of progressivism and optimism are vital elements to the Enlightenment Era and their beliefs, owed much to the advances in the Scientific Revolution.

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