How did the English language emerge as a global language in the 20 century?answer in detail

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missjenn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the answer to this lies in history really. English was the language of the most imperialistic nations. The perks of being part of an imperialistic empire are a lot of resources, people who you can force into submission (pushing your religion, culture, and language one them), and also having greater advancements in technology because of your resources. While colonies were becoming independent in the 20th century, in order to compete in the world on their own they had to rely on trade and relationships with these already established nations. Primarily looking at Britain and America, English was  a tool of trade, information sharing, and oppression.

When it comes to literature, all the ideas above are relavent but also that English was now the common language. Scholars were using it, immigrants were being made to learn it, and the people in America and Britain were being given more free time to read, therefore the popular literature needed to be in English to please the masses.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that part of the reason why English emerged was due to control.  The 20th Century saw two English speaking countries pretty much dominate the world stage and world events.  The British empire in the first half of the century as well as the American emergence as a worldwide force throughout the 20th century helped to ensure that English is the language spoken throughout the world where power was a concern.  At the same time, the proliferation of technology, in particular the internet, as a primarily English speaking medium to start helped to solidify the hold English had throughout the world in the latter part of the century.

radhika20 | Student

english  was  a  language  widely  spoken and understood  by  majority  of nations all around the globe.

the countries where english was widely spoken had dominated the world with their financial and defence was a useful instrument for  exchange of information &views,trade and to deal with imperalist powers.

to understand the nationalistic views of various countries such as France,RUSSIA  AND  AMERICA  the  people in colonies started learning this upcoming language.

to attain  the power and status in international market and world politics,english had become  an  important language