How did the end of WWII impact the countries of the Pacific Rim?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The experiences of countries along the Pacific Rim varied widely after the war. Japan, of course, was utterly devastated by the war, its major cities almost completely destroyed, and its imperial government rendered basically powerless. In the wake of the war, Japan experienced a sort of rebirth, beginning under American occupation. It adopted a democratic constitution and began a rapid economic resurgence that coincided with the outbreak of hostilities on the Korean peninsula—Japan served as a base of operations for the United States during that conflict. So Japan, while the most affected by the war, experienced the most rapid economic growth.

For several other nations in the region, the end of the war brought relatively peaceful transitions away from colonial rule. This was especially true in the Philippines and Indonesia, which gained independence from the United States and the Netherlands, respectively, shortly after the war. 

For the Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asia, the end of World War II ushered in periods of violent conflict. Korea, divided between the communist north and anti-communist south, erupted into war in 1950. The United Nations, led by the United States, intervened there to drive back North Korean and eventually Chinese forces, but the peninsula remains highly unstable, as recent events have shown. While South Korea became a very wealthy and advanced society, along the lines of Japan, this political stability can be traced directly back to the post World War II landscape. In Southeast Asia, the people of Vietnam rose in revolt against France, which sought to reimpose colonial control over the region. This resulted in a bloody war which eventually involved the United States, and lasted three full decades after World War II. 


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, the end of WWII impacted different Pacific Rim countries in different ways.  Let us look at three examples:

  • Japan was the most clearly impacted Pacific Rim country.  Its economy was completely devastated by the war and it was occupied the United States.  The occupation left Japan with a new constitution that completely changed its government and society.
  • The United States benefited from WWII (other than, of course, the immense loss of life).  The US emerged from the war as the most powerful and wealthiest country in the world.
  • Indonesia became independent largely as a result of the war.  The Dutch were easily pushed out of Indonesia during the war.  The Indonesians then resisted vigorously when the Dutch tried to return after the war.  This resistance led to the creation of an independent Indonesia soon after the war.

Of these three, only the Indonesian experience was shared by many other Pacific Rim countries.  Countries such as Vietnam, Korea, and the Philippines became independent after the war (of course, both Vietnam and Korea became split countries also to some extent as a result of the war).