How did Elizabeth occupy herself when the tree house was being built?

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In the classic novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss, the family constructs a house in the branches of an immense tree to "be safe from all wild beasts." On the initial day of construction, while the father William and the boys gather wood, build a ladder, and pull up planks to construct a platform for the house, Elizabeth the mother spends her time making harnesses for the cow and ass.

My wife then displayed her work—complete harness for our two beasts of burden, and, in return, I promised her we would establish ourselves next day in the tree.

Elizabeth also cooks supper, which consists of roasted porcupine, ham, cheese, butter, and biscuits. The following day William and the boys complete the shelter in the tree. The story tells that Elizabeth keeps busy too:

My wife, after milking the cow and goats, harnessed the cow and ass, and set out to search for drift-wood for our use.

Later in the day, while William and the boys hoist hammocks and blankets up into their new home and then work on constructing furniture for it, Elizabeth again prepares supper for all. This time it consists of a stew made from a flamingo they had killed the day before.

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Elizabeth had work of her own to do while the tree house was being built, so she kept quite busy. She helped in the building of the tree house by securing planks with ropes so they could be hoisted up the tree. She also milked the cows and goats. We know that she served the family flamingo stew for dinner, so we can assume that she cleaned and butchered the flamingo that had been shot the night before. Since Franz was so young, she was probably keeping an eye on him, as we know from later in the story that he usually stayed home with his mother when his father and brothers went on excursions. It is probably also safe to assume that she worked to set up a kitchen of some sort and organize everything she would need to keep her family fed.

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