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How did electronic journalism change media's coverage of politics?

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I think that one particular way in which electronic media has transformed the coverage of politics is with its 24 hour nature.  Consider the mistake a candidate might make.  Prior to electronic media, the candidate's mistake might linger for a couple of news cycles and thus could conceivably be endured.  Yet, now with the emergence of electronic media, a candidate's mistakes are played over and over again.  The journalist in electronic media forums have more means through which to express news repeatedly.  When Senate candidate Todd Akin made his "legitimate rape" comment, the electronic media played this so many times that he could never recover from it.  Even Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's regrettable "47%" comment was replayed multiple times over electronic media outlets that it became part of his narrative.  In the 24 hours news cycle that electronic media dominates, elections are scrutinized with errors replayed.  Candidates have to pay special attention to what is being said about them on blogs, on social media outlets, as well as other electronic media outlets.  I think that this is where coverage of elections and candidates have been changed with the advent of electronic media journalism.

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