The Prince and the Pauper Questions and Answers
by Mark Twain

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How did Edward escape from the archangel?

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Chapter 21 of the Prince and the Pauper begins with Edward waking up to the hermit (The "Archangel) holding up a knife and preparing to kill him. It seems that Edward, all tied up will not be able to escape, is about to meet his end. Just in the nick of time, Miles Hendon shows up and distracts the old hermit. The Hermit tells Miles that Edward is out running errands. After some time Miles decides to go looking for Edward and the hermit decides to go with him. He leaves Edward all alone tied up in the dark. Just as Edward was losing hope, John Canty and Hugo show up, untie him and lead him out of the hermit's house.

As we can see, Edward is not the agent of his own rescue. It is unclear if he would have managed to get out of this situation alive if it were not for the fortunate arrival of first Miles and then John and Hugo. Of course, Edward is little better off in the company of the thieves than he was before. The following chapter describes a quarrel and a fight with the two criminals after which Edward is framed for a crime. However, he has escaped and is no longer in the hands of a crazed hermit who claims to be the archangel.

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