How did Dolly Madison's personality enhance 'The Presidency'?(when compared with Martha Washington and Abigail Adams)

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dolly Madison was a gracious hostess who enhanced her husband's presidency with her ability to throw a great party, a people person, she is credited with getting her somewhat quiet and shy husband a second term in office.

Dolly had experience as a White House hostess, having assisted the widowed President Jefferson when her husband was his Secretary of State.  Dolly provided the female touch with a flare.  She was feisty, had opinions and spoke her mind.  An interesting character, often dressing in outlandish outfits, she is probably most remembered for dashing back into the burning White House to rescue the portrait of George Washington.

Martha Washington, along with her husband, were revered as hero and heroine in both the US and Europe.  She was beloved, in a motherly way, though unlike Dolly Madison, did not attempt to encourage her husband's policy decisions.  Martha was a friendly and inviting hostess, opening the President's home to the public on Fridays. 

Abigail Adams and her husband has a unique relationship of equals for an 18th century couple.  Abigail certainly reminded her husband of the need for the Congress to consider the rights of women.  She influenced John Adams thinking, tempering his angry outbursts and soothing his wounded ego when his passionate nature was misinterpreted. Abigail definitely influenced John's presidency, she shared his political beliefs and supported his policies.