How did Dillon's character evolve during the novel?

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Chinese Handcuffs is a classic coming of age novel in which we see the main character, Dillon Hemingway, grow and mature into a responsible young adult. At the heart of Dillon’s transformation is the advice of Coach Sherman:  “You can’t change the world, you can only change your reactions to it.” The entire plot line of this novel, then, involves Dillon trying to apply this advice to his own life. At first he is completely unsuccessful but, as he reflects on his own life and his interactions with others, he begins to use the advice to improve his own life. From Dillon’s interactions with the school’s football coach, to his deceased older brother, to Jen’s evil step-father, Dillon is eventually able to gain the upper hand and gain insight into his own life and integral role in the lives of others.

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